Reputational Assurance: Protecting the reputation of our financial sector clients.

Integrity: Assuring the integrity of the financial community

Managed Security environment: Addressing the threats and the vulnerabilities to which financial services institutions, including Central and Commercial Banks are exposed

Enablement: Enabling the development of a sophisticated yet cost-effective IT environment – people, processes, technologies

Making the most of IT investment: Leveraging the existing investments in security technology.

                                                                                                                                        Quality Assurance: QA means providing our clients with the best support possible. By support we do not only mean 24-hour monitoring, our clients receive detailed reports and feedback on a regular basis and we are readily accessible for advice and guidance. Help when you need it. Value for money - effective support.

Security Assurance: At times, our clients will not even be aware that there has been an issue until contacted by us to say that it has been solved via our proactive monitoring approach. Full reporting is provided. Security solutions when you need them. Reduced risk, improved knowledge. 

Performance Assurance: Achieve cost savings via efficient delivery of your infrastructure and services. The value of your technology investments is maximized by continuous improvement, optimizing the use of your assets and resources. Boost performance when it underperforms – make the most of your ICT investment.

Facilities Assurance: You need never be short of facilities for testing mission-critical systems, for production operations and for emergency fallback. Core Node offers flexible, secure and efficient Virtual Data Centre facilities. Facilities when you need them – flexible facilities, saving cost and resources. 

Reputational Growth: Demonstrating a commitment to security and high level systems support will give your business the upper hand in comparison to your competitors.