Core Node is a joint venture between HWG and Monetics who have partnered in the implementation of security infrastructure and payment systems for Central Banks and Commercial Banks for many years. Located in Singapore, with a second site in Italy, Core Node provides security and infrastructure services that help businesses to manage their mission-critical, real-time systems effectively by implementing the following areas:

  • Security Assurance
  • System Performance Optimisation
  • Provision of Virtual Data Centres (VDCs) and processing facilities
  • Global Support.

The Services we provide:                                                                                                                            
Security: Provision of Secure Operations providing 24-hour monitoring of your systems and critical apps by intelligent scanning backed by a highly qualified team of security experts.                                        

Performance: Maximize your technology investments and enhance your system performance with the Core Node ‘Proactive Performance Management’ service.                                                                                       

Virtual services: Core Node provides secure virtual data centres complete with resilient secure communications and effective data protection for primary production sites, disaster recovery or the testing of mission-critical systems.

HELP on call: With 24‐hour support from our global contact centre, you can rest assured that your issues will be answered by qualified secure operations staff with experience in investigating and fixing system issues.

Future Proofing: Our clients have the opportunity to get ahead of today’s “security issues” and feel safe, secure and protected in the knowledge that their systems are 100% covered at all times.  




Virtual Services

24-Hour Support

Future Proofing


Risk Assessment