Core Node Services

• Security Operations Centre

• Virtual ICT Services

• Data Centre Facilities

• 24-Hour Support & Monitoring

• Disaster Recovery

• Proactive Monitoring

• ISO Accreditations




On a daily basis large and small companies fall victim to an ever-increasing number of malicious intrusion attempts and cyber-attacks. Our secure technology infrastructure will ensure that these attempts are unable to penetrate even the outer surface of your business operations.

Company systems now run on a 24-hour basis, which often means high staff cost. We can support your systems 24/7 which can help to reduce staff and training costs.  

Test sites or demonstration systems. We can provide virtual data centre and telecoms facilities at low cost when you need them. 

When a live system crashes, will your back-up system activate fast enough? Core Node can operate your virtual disaster recovery sites for you and in the event of an emergency will manage the server failover until the primary system is fixed.  Disaster recovery is fast and efficient.  

Are your live systems operating at peak efficiency? Many live systems have poor throughput and response. Core Node ‘Proactive Monitoring’ identifies and addresses performance issues before they impact your business. 

Are your mission-critical applications compliant to international standards? Many mission-critical applications are subjected to security audits that must meet international standards such as ISO27001. Core Node ISO qualified auditors can support you to meet the compliance requirements.